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Quick crossword No. 372 - Music

submitted by elderelf56 on 09 Sep 2006 at 01:25 AM GMT

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"...a little easy ..."

commented kateyoungnyc on 27 September 2006 at 01:00 AM GMT

"...simplistic; don't use two-letter words..."

commented breen on 28 September 2006 at 04:47 PM GMT

"...Really facile...."

commented errie on 08 October 2006 at 03:51 AM GMT


commented 2drolennaej on 11 October 2006 at 02:06 PM GMT

"...18-across: sends is not plural, it's second person singular 24-across: the hint should be in singular. 8-down: to make music come from your mouth is to sing, not sings. ..."

commented Nena on 27 October 2006 at 09:57 AM GMT

"...I enjoyed this one. I like the music theme..."

commented mecan91 on 28 October 2006 at 11:28 PM GMT

"...Not bad, though a little too easy. I'd suggest avoiding using so many two-letter answers. Also, all of the "short for ..." clues are really too obvious...."

commented eastbayted on 29 October 2006 at 08:13 PM GMT

"...I don't know that saying brass instruments are "wind instruments" is completely correct. Brass instruments are usually called "Brass instruments" Wind instruments would include flute, clarinet, piccolo that kind of thing. But otherwise a fairly nice puzzle. Liked the music theme...."

commented nordlundjr on 29 October 2006 at 11:38 PM GMT

" puzzle but pretty easy. Also - don't use the same word twice - that's kinda boring. Plus, a "piece" is not really "a small amount" - you can have a really big piece of something. I enjoyed it thought..."

commented grimm655321 on 22 March 2007 at 10:24 PM GMT


commented jerredk on 05 April 2007 at 11:51 AM GMT

"...5 across: should be "nickname" or "nick-name" - there's a 'k' in there :)..."

commented redhedinsanity on 27 May 2007 at 08:50 PM GMT

"...>_> i mean 5 down :(..."

commented redhedinsanity on 27 May 2007 at 08:50 PM GMT

" the theme...the brass instrument thing threw me and the abbreviation clues were a little too easy......"

commented alk3cassh on 28 May 2007 at 06:31 PM GMT

"...gr8 crossword. good test to see how much more i needed to know. gar threw me off but the rest made perfect sense..."

commented CgMbSax22 on 17 June 2007 at 03:01 AM GMT

"...Gar- what is that? Good puzzle though...."

commented harley3nut on 03 August 2007 at 06:52 PM GMT

"...nice puzzle. ..."

commented NMULadybug on 08 January 2008 at 07:39 PM GMT

"...Unless you're a Scot, you won't get GAR... ..."

commented prisca22 on 30 July 2008 at 10:20 AM GMT


commented tragik on 30 July 2008 at 08:37 PM GMT

"...Gar? ..."

commented vikingrae on 02 February 2009 at 04:31 PM GMT

"...Fun crossword as I have a musical background. I agree with the brass clue. You should say "some instruments are made of this metal" - I kept thinking and thinking! My flute is silver, and can also be made of black wood like oboes..... But it was great fun to do! Thanks!..."

commented Wondrawoman on 03 May 2009 at 12:36 AM GMT

"...I add another comment several years later after doing this puzzle the first time. Using 2 same words is considered bad practice (net) especially since the puzzler could have easily done otherwise, in making a clue for "nat", "nit", "not" or "nut". Cute puzzle but a bit too easy...."

commented prisca22 on 07 January 2015 at 12:25 PM GMT