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Christian crossword No. 1552 - Home Away From Home

submitted by ATHENS2 on 06 Nov 2012 at 10:56 PM GMT


1.This planet. __is my home away from home. Phil3:20 (5)
4.Occur. Being scared into heaven isn't the worst thing that can__ (6)
9.Period. The Elizabethan__ (3)
11.Promised. Jesus__ He is preparing a place 4 His own. John14 (5)
14.Conclusion. Life w/Christ is an endless hope & w/o Christ is a hopeless__ (3)
15.Plan. U must__in advance 4 pleasant memories (7)
16.Closer. A man in sorrow is in general much__2 God than a man in joy. Misery drives him 2 prayer. G.MacDonald (6)
18.Abilities. Only the gift of Jesus' sacrificial death can get me 2 Heaven, not my__ (7)
20.Not ever. Our home is a place we've __ been. Randy Alcorn (5)
23.Carry. Y__ the excess baggage of sin? (4)
25.Bright star or 70's Chevy
26.Rest. __on, beloved. Lay down thy head on Thy Saviour's breast. We love thee well but Jesus loves thee best. Sarah Doudney (5)
27.__dogs jump in your__ (3)
29.Egyptian boy pharaoh
31.Despot. Rebels soon realize Satan is a__ (6)
33.Tomb inscription. A divine__ doesn't guarantee a heavenly afterlife (7)
36.Characteristics. Gentleness & generosity R God's family__ (6)
38.Prime. Satan is my soul's__enemy (4)
41.Plan. Satan's__4 me is perdition, not paradise (6)
43.Take a Roman holiday here
45.United Nations (ab)
46.If U turn a deaf__2 hearing God's Law, your prayers disgust God. Prov28:9 (3)
49.Post Office (ab)
50.Cure. He that conceals his grief finds no__4 it. Turkish proverb (6)
53.That is (ab)
55.Witty anti-Communist Californian President #40
56.Everlasting. Give thanks 4 all fortune, if it is good b/c it is good; if bad b/c it works in us patience, humility & contempt 4 this world & hope 4 our__country. CS Lewis (7)


Infinite afterlife. The Bible is a window in this prison-world, through which we may look into__. Tim Dwight (8).1
Glowingly. Heaven is both present & future. U can find many hints of heaven along your pathway b/c the earth is__alive with My presence. Sarah Young (9).2
Paradise. If UR a Christian UR not a citizen of this world trying 2 make your way 2__, UR a citizen of __making your way through this world. V.Havner (6).3
Difficult. The ascent from earth 2 Heaven is__. Seneca (4).4
Pierces. The Bible is the greatest traveler in the world. It__every country. A.Pierson (10).5
Eternal. Trust in Christ 4__life. John3:16 (11).6
Is there a ladder 2 Heaven that is not the cross?.7
U & I..8
Railroad (ab).10
@ what time. __sorrow is asleep, wake it not. English proverb (4).12
Stops living. Death cannot kill what never__. William Penn (4).13
Don't__ your engine as a__ does a funeral (3).17
Blest be the__ that binds our hearts in Christian love (3).19
Lobby. This world is but the__of eternity (9).21
Example Given (ab).22
Mortal. If God's spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwell in U, He will raise your__body. Rom8:11 (9).24
Avg. She golfed __on some holes (3).28
When a Christian's body is lowered down in a grave, the soul is going__ (2).30
Agony. The impenitent will endure endless __ 4 eternity when they exit earth (7).31
Not available (ab).32
Memory loss. Reading Scripture then living w/o regard 4 the afterlife is spiritual__ (7).34
Soul. Atheism is rather in the lip than in the__of man. Francis Bacon (5).35
# of God's commandments.37
Help. Scripture will__U in your journey 2 Heaven (3).38
Feline friend.39
Residence. Hell is the__of the damned (5).41
District Attorney (ab).42
Yonder Forever (ab).44
Funeral ashes vase.48
Furry friend.49
Who is responsible 4 my eternal destiny?.51
Year (ab).52
Old Testament name 4 God, __Shaddai (2).54
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