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Christian crossword No. 1553 - Gratitude puzzlerscaveampersand Gravy

submitted by ATHENS2 on 12 Nov 2012 at 11:12 PM GMT



Sauce. Hunger is the best__. Cervantes (5).1
Spiritual defection. Ingratitude is the 1st step toward__. A.Kauffman (8).2
Thanklessness. __is not being content w/your lot in life until U have a lot more (11).3
Come apart. Hem your blessings w/thankfulness so they don't__ (7).4
24 hrs. Enjoy the little things, 4 1__U might look back & realize they were the big things. R. Brault (3).5
Everlasting. Give thanks 4 all 4tune... if bad b/c it works in us patience, humility & contempt of this world & hope 4 our__country. CS Lewis (7).6
Ownership. Though prayer purchases blessings, giving praise keeps the__of them. T.Fuller (10).7
Registered Nurse (ab).8
Operating System (ab).9
Suppers. Pumpkin pie & yams R part of Thanksgiving__ (7).10
Recline. When U__down U will not B afraid, your sleep will B sweet. Prv3:24 (3).13
Is there a ladder to Heaven that is not the cross?.14
Moments. Gratitude is born in hearts that take__to count up past mercies. C. Jefferson (4).18
A__is a loser who takes advantage of U (4).22
Native Americans. 1st Thanksgiving incl. Pilgrims &__ (7).23
Male singing voice.24
Purple flower.25
Early Pregnancy Test (ab).27
Christian classic author, Watchman__ (3).28
Places. Visit historic New World__ (5).33
God substitute.34
Kills. Pride__ thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks grows. HW Beecher (5).35
Nap. Take a__after a fiesta (6).37
Med shed.40
We make ourselves happy or__by what we choose to think (3).41
Banner. Fly a Thanksgiving __@ church (4).42
Midday. Eat leftovers @__ (4).44
Biblical high priest.47
Overtime (ab). RU paid__ 4 holidays? (2).52
Old Testament name 4 God .53
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