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Christian crossword No. 1557 - I Hope So!

submitted by ATHENS2 on 03 Dec 2012 at 10:15 PM GMT


1.Happy expectation. __serves 2 lead us 2 the end of our lives by an agreeable route. Rochefoucauld (4)
3.Left w/o a ride. When__, look 4 God in the delay (8)
10.I must believe in the possibility of happiness in__2B happy. Tolstoy (5)
12.Prospects. An optimist sees__ in every problem; a pessimist sees a problem in every opportunity (9)
14.Knight's title
16.Envision. 2 endure, __God's future rewards (7)
18.Concepts. I chose 2 think happy__, not negative ones (5)
22.Hot mist
23.Obtain. Have patience after U have done the will of God & U will__ the promise. Heb10:36 (3)
24.Direct. Try 2 book a__flight (7)
25.Not out. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 get__Heaven (2)
26.Cheerful Contagious Optimism (ab)
27.Providing. __U repent, U can B saved (2)
29.Rest. The best bridge between despair & hope is a good night's__ (5)
31.Sentimental. Optimists R__about the future (9)
34.Spanish 4 "yes"
36.Permit. Do not__your sin damn U2 hell (3)
40.Michigan (ab)
41.Accomplishment. Optimism is the faith that leads to__. Nothing can be done w/o hope. Helen Keller (11)
43.Old Testament name 4 God, __Shaddai (2)
44.Delighted. The only 1 who can make me__is me (5)
47.Poem of lament 4 the dead
51.Wrath. Enjoy life, end__ (3)
53.View. Read the Bible to__your future (3)
54.Atmosphere. Jesus resurrected into the__; die in Christ & U will 2 (3)
55.Sight organ. The Lord will return in the twinkling of an__1 Cor15:52 (3)
56.Straighten. God will__U2 get U on the path 2 Heaven (7)
58.Acts. The bitterest tears shed over graves R4 words left unsaid &__left undone. HB Stowe (5)
59.Blossom. Happiness is the natural__of duty. P.Brooks (6)


Joy. __is not something U postpone 4 the future; it is something U design 4 the present. Jom Rohn (9).1
Peaceful stamina. Hope is__with the lamp lit. Tertullian (8).2
Emotional nosedive. Negative thinking can send U into a__ (8).4
Is there a ladder 2 Heaven that is not the cross?.5
Sleep image. Hope is a waking__. Aristotle (5).6
Emotional Discipline (ab).7
Plan. Happiness is not something U postpone 4 the future; it is something U__4 the present (6).8
Not off.9
Refreshing Instant New Entertainment (ab).11
Untruth. It's a__2 think U can get 2 Heaven w/o Christ. John14:6 (3).13
Take back. It's better 2 edit expletives than__ them (7).15
Preserve. It's easier 2__a good attitude than regain one. Joyce Meyer (8).17
Perform. 2C Heaven, __the Bible, don't just read it (2).19
Climbing. The way 2 Heaven is__; we must be content 2 travel uphill. Jonathan Edwards (9).20
Quit. If U fall, don't be discouraged &__, 4 even from this fall God will draw out good. Teresa of Avila (4).21
Sick. 4bidden fruit will make U__ (3).25
Enemy. Better a new friend than an old__ (3).28
Chinese tennis chick, __Na (2).30
Peek. A__of Paradise gives us hope 2 cope (7).32
That is (ab).33
Rescue. Call on Jesus 2__ your soul. Acts 2:21 (4).35
Regarding (ab).38
Conviction, trust.39
Mariachi music is from__ (6).40
In future. Don't look 2 things behind that the devil calls us back 2. Instead, look 2 things__ Christ calls us 2. Cyprian (5).41
Not here. Believe U can & UR halfway__. Teddy Roosevelt (5).42
I love U a bushel & a__ (4).45
When discouraged, remember, we R not home__ (3).46
13 Down.48
Do we need 2 stay on course, of course?.50
Oar, melee, or tier.52
Railroad (ab).57
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